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Guided Tours in Lisbon & Porto

To boldly go where no tour has gone in Portugal before

Lisbon & Porto Tours

Walking Tours in Portugal

About City Guru

At CityGuru our friendly guides are ready to show you these towns’ hidden gems. Places away from the tourist traps. Places that will also transform you.

We organize exclusive tours and experiences, on and off the beaten track, for the individual, as well as small groups scheduled around dates and times that are convenient for you.

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Top-Rated Tours of Portugal


We had the walking tour with Maria and it was amazing. Not only is the street art great but her knowledge, insight, and passion regarding the street are itself and her city made the afternoon a real memory. Thank you Maria.

– PatrickC850 • TripAdvisor
"Factual, Interesting and Thought Provoking"

Manuela is a charming guide, who knows many of the street artists, including her brother. She pointed out loads of things which I would never have spotted. I really enjoyed seeing Lisbon, with street art as a theme. Fascinating to hear of the city of Lisbon:s relationship with the artists. Highly recommend

– Tourista9 • TripAdvisor

This was a wonderful view of street art. I loved it!!!! I could have lived without the steps and hills, but then this would not be Lisbon. Highly recommend this tour for anyone that loves art!!!!

– Mara F. • TripAdvisor
"Great walking tour"

We saw fun, interesting art and the guide got us around complex neighborhoods, especially Alfama, in ways I could never repeat. Nice hilly walk that also includes an outdoor escalator and several public elevators.

– Wendy C. • TripAdvisor
"Sights unseen by most tourists"

I really enjoyed this tour. I learned a lot about some of the neighborhoods, history and of course the street art and what it means. Great guide, nice people to walk with, a few showers, but interesting regardless.

– BFK123 • TripAdvisor